Behind the Turquoise & Tomato Door

This color combo is eye catching, no? I love the idea that the interior of this house might be a little Southwestern meets modern. I think Midcentury pieces could mix in with comfy California-style skirted sofas and vintage textiles abound. Something like this perhaps...


Small Shades Big Impact 

Details matter...

Color and pattern matter too.

A chandelier or sconce shade is a great place to make a strong visual impact. It's also extra great because it'll help to draw your eye up ^^^

Random Monday evening thoughts.


Bar Styling with Belle Isle Craft Spirits 

I was super honored to have Belle Isle Craft Spirits come spend an afternoon last week with me shooting around my house and getting my thoughts on bar styling...

I am absolutely thrilled with how the piece turned the full story @here.

I think your entertaining style can say a lot about you as a person. But your bar style...well to me it's a direct reflection on how cool you are, or at least how cool you think you are.

So, let your freak flag fly in my opinion! Put the best you have to offer of yourself on your bar cart...put it all out on the table...learn how to serve a stiff drink...and life is pretty easy after that, right?

(all photos are Alexander Kreher for Belle Isle)


August Vibes

Has it been a month already? To say summer is flying by would be a complete understatement. Anyway, let's talk August...

August is fiery and bright. For me, nature is always calling in August. Get out and make the best out of each endless evening! August is the tomato red from a burning sunset, it is the faded blue from a sun-bleached pair of denim shorts. It's the roughness of woven rattan and vintage textiles. Let the ease of Minimal modern pieces help to lead you in the transition back to the real world. Take an entire afternoon to read Jack Kerouac on a sun porch in August : ) 


July Vibes

The month of July is all about endless like if you died tomorrow you'd have no regrets. July is filled with a mix of chaotic patriotic reds and whites, watermelon hued drinks and simple blues of the sky and of the sea. This is the month to have fun with bursts of color, but stick to similar tones from the same family to keep it from getting too over the top. Treat yoself in July!