Behind the Kaleidoscope Door

Could you even imagine? It might just drive you crazy, but how inspiring, right? I'm thinking a room like this must be behind that door somewhere...


Neutral Chair Styling

You might think that a neutral chair would be the easiest thing in the world to style, but in actuality, because there are so many possibilities, I think it might be one of the most difficult to be decisive about. I've got this amazing Midcentury chair available @here in my Chairish shop right now...

Good right? It swivels 360 too!

Anyway, I've put together three directions on how to make this work in any type of decor situation. I think the most important about neutral furniture is to be decisive no matter what. Don't buy neutral pillows and a white throw- go one direction and don't turn back!


The first look is decidedly more feminine...

Floor Lamp / Pillow / Stool / Table / Vase / Sconce / Mirror


The second look is a bit more earthy and potentially masculine...

Chest / Mirror / Lamp / Side Table / Pillow / Rug


And the last look is a great deal darker and more exotic...

Sconce / Pillow / Stool / Rug / Chest / Trunk / Lamp / Art


Which look is your favorite? How do you style neutrals in your home?


Pink + Green needs a little Navy

I found @THIS rug on eBay the other day and it made me really happy...

It actually reminds me a lot of the Kars persian rug {you can see what the room used to look like @here} I used to have in our living room but now lives in the guest bedroom...

{And those orange pillows are live in my Chairish shop @here!}

Anyway, whenever I think of this kind of bright pink mixed with a limey green it brings me back to my childhood and girly things like hair bows and jumpers, etc. It's never felt too sophisticated to me I guess. But it's crazy how much the addition of navy blue changes all that for me.

All of a sudden it's feeling more like something I might actually try in my own home. Get the look with a few key pieces...

Campaign Chest // Lamp // Floor Lamp // Chair // Side Table

Ottoman // Coffee Table// Juju Hat // Mirror // Art // Pillow



Behind the Periwinkle Door

It's going to eventually start feeling like Spring at some point...right?


Dress Your Doorway

We have a large opening in between our dining and living rooms sort of like the one above. I'm pretty sure pocket doors must have lived there at one time, but to fulfill on the desire for "open floor plans," they were most likely removed during an earlier renovation.

Throughout our loving restoration of the old place, I've tried to pay attention to the details and give our home a little love. All of the original moulding was removed, so this Spring we're going to be adding a bunch of it all around the house. Until then, I am liking this idea of treating a big, gaping doorway sort of like a window. Dressing it up with curtains and nice hardware is a great way to add some personality and warmth. You can see above how it would work on both sides of the doorway also. Loving the ebonized floors and subtly patterned lamp shades too...note to self: always more details to be considered.