Guys...by dinner time tomorrow, I'll be on the beach in Tulum.

My husband and I booked a (super affordable!) last minute trip right before Christmas. Sometimes it's best to escape the perils of reality in the most dramatic of ways. Since it snowed in Richmond for the first time this winter last night, I'm taking this as a sign we're doing the right thing here. I'll be totally unplugged (literally...there's no electricity in our room at night!) until next week. Here's to dramatic escapes in whatever capacity they may happen : )


Natural Neutral Warmth

The absense of color. The abundance of coziness. The biggest struggle for me.

My own home is filled with color and pattern. That's how I feel the most comfortable and creative. Yet my clients always seem to be looking for a calm space. I walk into their homes and it's basically a neutral box- white walls and creamy beige furniture. I never think of this as a lack of decisiveness, I see it as a very conscious decision. They struggle to make it interesting, and that's where I come in, right?

Here are some spaces I find interestingly natural, neutral and warm...



Stepping Up My Pillow Game

You guys know I'm pillow obsessed, right? Well I started designing my own pillows a few months ago and selling them in my shops on One Kings Lane and Chairish. Since I'm more than halfway sold through, I figure it's time to start making a bigger investment and designing some more one of a kind pieces! I want to start using more ethnic textiles, and this morning I bought about six yards of this awesome Hmong Batik hand-printed textile from Thailand...

Love the idea of mixing this with a simple blue pinstripe on the back and a poppy contrast welt trim- I think magenta would be perfect! Anyway, I'm on the hunt for awesome textiles- please do let me know if you have any amazing secret sources or any special pillow requests!


New Couch on the Block

On Tuesday I made an impulsive decision...not just for me, but for my family...I bought us a new sofa! You see, since we only have one living space...and one sofa in that space...the sofa is a very big deal around here.

We bought our old sofa over 5 years ago now from Macy's. It's pretty much a knockoff of Crate & Barrel's Petrie at half the price. It saw us through 4 homes and a cross country move; even in the end we still loved it. It was just time for something a little more grown up, a little more masculine in my opinion. See, all of the other furniture we have in the room has got a Midcentury vibe to it and I wanted something a little fuller to balance out the mix.

Leather has been on my mind for some time now and when I found an amazing tufted back, rolled arm, high end Bloomingdale's sofa on CL for a fraction of what we paid for our original sofa I jumped at the chance...

Sorry for the iPhone pics and lack of styling, but you get the idea. Now onto grab some velvet pillows and switch a few other things around in the room and I'll be ready to show you the full view : ).

More leather goodness for your viewing pleasure...


Just Obsessed: Cathy Echols' Houston Home

I love a good bar vignette {@here} and one of my favorites of late is this snapshot...

Obviously, I'm a big La Fiorentina fan @here & @here, and imagine my surprise and adoration when I saw a different angle of this room...

It's from a 2014 shoot for Papercity Magazine in the Houston home of Cathy Echols. Love love is all I'm feeling here. Here are some other snaps of her home and it keeps getting better...

Just cool, right? The art is a crazy good mix too and helps to pull in energizing colors into the mostly neutral spaces. Such a fan and totally obsessed.